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At Virtual On, we strive to create a platform where people can engage with human or animated content through captivating 3D holograms, fostering an immersive and interactive experience. Our forte lies in crafting top-notch Mixed Reality Solutions, where we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with artistic finesse to bring genuine human holograms that feel as if they coexist with us in the same space. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we transform ordinary videos into three-dimensional holographic representations, compatible with various virtual reality devices. As experts in augmented reality video production, we are dedicated to delivering an array of high-quality 3D mixed reality experiences and applications featuring real people. To explore more about our exceptional Mixed Reality Solutions, products, and services, reach out to us through a call or by completing our contact form.

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In the realm of Mixed Reality Solutions, it goes beyond just video content and headsets; it encompasses a variety of hardware elements that, when harmoniously integrated with captivating video content, generate an awe-inspiring WOW effect. At Virtual On, we are masters at transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Reach out to us, and our expertise will guide you in selecting the perfect solution to elevate your project to new heights.

Gerardo Silvetti – CEO / Founder

Virtual On has been a huge help providing a holographic solution for our event ” Kew Science Festival”. They provided a high quality display and quick and friendly service exceeding all of my expectations.

Chrissie Prychid, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW

We were looking for a really eye catching display for the launching of our new perfume. Virtual On came through google and has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Highly recommended.

Lauren Simon, Lauren Simon

Thank you for your professional and quick response. I wished I had found you guys before to assist us in our events with your astonishing displays.

Ann Bentley, Le fondue

I’m so happy with the result of this collaboration.

During the presentation and also after I talked with some video “experts” and photographers and they told me they have never seen this before. So many people said that everybody is looking and trying to do something in this way but nobody succeeded to capture this in such an extraordinary way.

I loved so much the poetry in it, the emotions !

An Vandevorst, A. F. Vandevorst

The presentations were a huge success! People loved the result of our collaboration.
Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience.

Filip Arickx, A.F. Vandevorst

It looks fantastic, many people at the exhibitions are asking for details of where we sourced the hologram from…

Tracy Murphy, JO Group
mixed reality solutions portfolio

Not only Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality but Mixed Reality Solutions for All Your Projects Needs.

mixed reality solutions

Virtual Reality Video Production

Our video creations perfectly complement our holographic displays at Virtual On. Our expert team is proficient in providing impeccable video content that seamlessly combines with physical products. Through our Mixed Reality Solutions, which encompass Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as Holograms, consumers can experience the product in a captivating and realistic way.

The primary distinction between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lies in the fact that augmented reality does not replace the real world; instead, it adds video or image content to the existing environment. Augmented Reality video content seamlessly blends a real environment with captivating digital elements. When these components synergize, they create a mesmerizing and highly effective effect that elevates the overall message.

360-video-creation mixed reality solutions

360 Video Production

Virtual Reality devices like Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR allow users to experience Virtual Reality videos or 360-degree content. Additionally, more accessible options such as Google Cardboard enable users to instantly immerse themselves in Virtual Reality content by simply inserting a mobile phone, without the need for cables or external processors.

Mapping Projections

3D video projection mapping technology utilizes objects of various sizes and shapes as display screens for video projection, transforming them into captivating canvases. From advertising products like shoes to projecting images on skyscrapers, projection mapping has become a popular choice for advertisers.

Unlocking the illusion of holograms has never been easier with our transparent holographic screens. Available in various sizes to suit your needs, our 3D holographic projection screens are truly remarkable devices, perfect for capturing attention at museums, business presentations, fairs, and exhibitions, enticing visitors to explore your stand.

With our hologram showcases, you can leave a lasting impression at any event. Combining cutting-edge image processing technologies with a sleek modern mixed reality display, our holographic projector creates an eye-catching and captivating way to promote your products.

The Virtual Mannequin is a digital host designed as a holographic model or presenter, providing businesses, shops, or brands with the ability to deliver consistent messages at various locations using pre-recorded video content. This innovative approach allows for the seamless delivery of information, instructions, guidance, and promotions in a safe and secure manner.

For a highly cost-effective display solution, the 3D Holographic Air Fan Display is the perfect choice, enabling you to create mesmerizing holographic illusions. This innovative hologram machine effectively projects holograms that appear to float in mid-air.

The holographic stage is the grandest and most captivating way to showcase holograms during any type of presentation, provided you have ample space available. It is especially well-suited for business presentations, concerts, conferences, and various other events. Our skilled team can assist you in crafting a tailor-made presentation that aligns perfectly with your ideas and engages your audience in an extraordinary manner.

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